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Sectors - Living
Sectors - Living

CBC consultants help clients sell or rent residential properties with the highest level of competency and professionalism.
Leveraging their extensive expertise in the residential market, we assist clients in maximizing the value of their property, whether it’s fractioning, constructing, or repurposing.

With a primary focus on Rome and Milan, as well as major Italian cities, we provide expert support to investors, owners, and builders at every stage of a real estate project, from development to sale. We also assist final clients, whether buyers or tenants, until the apartment is delivered.

Our services:

Market and competitor analysis
Residential project analysis
Property value appraisal and definition
Assistance in enhancing the project
Design and implementation of the marketing plan
Sales and marketing activities
Technical/design support for the final client
Assistance in drafting sales or lease agreements
Sectors - Living