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C.P.O. n. 43/2021 Benucci Holding S.r.l.- Auction July 17th, 2023

Rome - and via Ludovisi 16 and and and and and and and and and and and and
Court: Rome
Procedure type: Prearranged agreement
Maintenance: New construction
Type: Offices

Coldwell Banker Commercial has been appointed, by the Court of Rome, as exclusive advisor in the sale procedure of several real estate units for residential and office use owned by Benucci Holding S.r.l. and located in Rome in Viale Liegi 15B-17, Via Ludovisi 16 and Lungotevere Flaminio 22, better described in the "Lots" section.

To receive the necessary documentation and accreditation in the data room, please send an email with: name, surname, e-mail address and,possibly, phone number to

Court: Rome
Procedure type: Prearranged agreement
Procedure n.: 43
Procedure year: 2021
Procedure representative: Liquidators: Avv. Eleonora Rizzo - Avv. Francesco Cimarelli
Offers Presentation : Notary Dott.ssa Rossella Pierantoni with office in Rome, via Claudio Monteverdi 20
Chimney flue
Secondary access
Handicap access
Load unloading
Bike sharing
Taxi station

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