It is only after having gained a thorough understanding of the customer’s needs that the CBC service becomes truly effective. The company’s attention to detail and problem-solving ability, even in complex, multifaceted situations, are always present in a process made up of a series of different steps.

  • Search for property
  • Commercial valuation of the operation
  • Analysis of profitability using market surveys and feasibility studies
  • Search for the ideal customer and the appropriate professional figures
  • Choice of marketing strategy and promotion of the most effective properties, based on an in-depth analysis of the reference target

The effectiveness of the projects implemented by Coldwell Banker Commercial Italy has made it possible for the company to consolidate business relationships over the years with major institutions, financial groups and leading names in the hotel and fashion sectors. The search for a property is only the first step towards a future final goal: the realization of a secure, profitable investment.