Milan, Centrale/Loreto – Office for Sale | Top Location

27 January 2020

In Milan, STRATEGIC LOCATION between Loreto and Central Station, OFFICE available for sale, with a size of approx. 170 SQM to be refurbished, consisting of entrance, FIVE WIDE ROOMS three of which overlooking the main street, bathroom and closet. Within an ELEGANT BUILDING dating back to the early 1900s, the property has HIGH ACCESSIBILITY thanksRead more

Milan, City Center – Office Building for Lease | Top Location

27 January 2020

Located in the heart of Milan, in the elegant via Manzoni, BUILDING available for lease, with a size of approx. 2.500 SQM spreading over several levels, located within a HISTORICAL BUILDING and spreading over 5 floors above ground, 4 of which for OFFICE use and one for RETAIL use on the ground floor. Location suitable forRead more

Rome, Via Sabatino Gianni – Office building for lease

27 November 2019

Rome, Via Sabatino Gianni | Rif. 19-016-05 Office building for lease, located on the south side of the central Via Tiburtina and close to Grande Raccordo Anulare, in Via Sabatino Gianni. Bright building surrounded by green, it extends over two floors above ground further to a basement level and a top floor (roof), covering aRead more

Rome, Via Monterone – Office building for sale

14 October 2019

Rome, Via Monterone | Rif. 13-073 Prestigious office with an area of approx. 600 sqm, located in the heart of Rome between Pantheon and Largo di Torre Argentina, in Via Monterone. The building, suitable as representative office, with impressive frescoed ceilings and bright views, is located on the second floor of an elegant historical building.Read more

Massa, Viale della Stazione – Office building for sale and lease

9 July 2019

Massa, Viale della Stazione | Rif. 17-066-15 Office building, with a total area of 2,179.80 sqm as well as an outdoor area of 487 sqm, located in Massa in Viale della Stazione, close to the railway station. The office building consists of three floors plus a roof and a basement level. The property also includesRead more

Pescia (PT), Via Leopoldo Galeotti – Office building for sale and lease

8 July 2019

Pescia (PT), Via Leopoldo Galeotti | Rif. 17-066-13 Office building with an area of 2,487.77 sqm, located close to the historical center of Pescia, a municipality of Pistoia and precisely in Via Leopoldo Galeotti. The office building consists of five floors above ground as well as a roof floor. It also includes a small annexedRead more

Imperia, Via Tommaso Littardi – Office building for sale

8 July 2019

Imperia, Via Tommaso Littardi | Rif. 17-066-9 Office building with a total indoor area of 1,408 sqm, as well as an outdoor area of 1,536 sqm used for courtyard and parking, located in Imperia in Piani area. The building consists of three floors and a basement level, and includes office units, archives, storage areas, warehouses,Read more

Naples, Via Galileo Ferraris – Office building for sale, possible conversion for hospitality use

31 May 2019

Naples, Via Galileo Ferraris Located in a central area of the city, close to Garibaldi Railway Station, Circumvesuviana Railway station and Ringroad exit, therefore well connected to the urban road network. Is easily accessible by public transport and close to Garibaldi metro station. The entire building consists of 9 floors as well as roof andRead more

Rome, Via Nomentana – Office building for sale and lease

12 April 2019

Rome, Via Nomentana | Rif. 15-091 Elegant villa with an area of 1474 sqm plus 500 sqm of external area, located in Nomentano district, close to Villa Torlonia in the north-east neighborhood of the city. The villa consists of five floors above ground and a small tower on the sixth floor. The external area is partlyRead more

Monza, Via Tiepolo – Office building for sale or lease

6 August 2018

Monza, Via Tiepolo | Rif. 18-026 The property is located in the area surrounding Monza, well connected to the main public roads. It’s approximately 2.5 km away from the historical city center and the railway station, easily reachable by public transport. The building for office use consists of five floors above ground and two underground floorsRead more