C.P. Peschiera Edilizia S.r.l.



Rif. 19-003 Peschiera Edilizia S.r.l.

Coldwell Banker Commercial has been appointed from the Trial Court of Rome exclusive advisor for the sale procedure of the following real estate assets, owned by Peschiera Edilizia S.r.l. (C.P. n. 49/2012 – Judicial Liquidator Alessandra Ceci)

PLOT 1 – Retail building located in Rome, P.zza dei Navigatori Z3

Minimum price eur 11.357.000,00
Secondary price eur 9.654.000,00

PLOT 2 – Building for warehouse use located in Rome, P.zza dei Navigatori Z1

Minimum price eur 1.199.000,00
Secondary price eur 1.019.500,00

Binding purchase offers may be submitted within the 10th of November 2020, 12:00 AM. Envelopes with offers will be opened on the 10th of November 2020, 16:00 PM by notary office Umberto Scialpi in Rome, Via Pietro Tacchini n. 22.

Current Sale Rules and other documents required for the submission of expressions of interest and participation in the sale process, are available clicking on the box on the right side of the page under Documents section.