Seizing the best opportunities in an expanding sector

The constant growth linked to available land for construction, residential or mixed-use buildings and major new-build complexes for residential and commercial use offers significant new investment opportunities.

These are often linked to already existing buildings, subject to redevelopment and conversion to express new potential with other uses.

CBC is fully committed to the Living and Residential sector, focused in particular on multi-family and construction Sites sector, supporting landowners, investors, developers and building operators.

Via Giuditta Sidoli 23, Milano
Two and three-room, vacant and occupied, for sale – Milan, via Sidoli Units for sale in a splendid 1930s period building. ...
Via Innocenzo XI 41, Roma
Appartamenti in vendita in via Innocenzo XI Nel quartiere Aurelio, zona ideale per chi vuole vivere al meglio, proponiamo in ...
Viale Leonida Tonelli, Fonte Laurentina
Residential units for sale Residenza Cartesio, located in Fonte Laurentina district, is a mixed-use residential and retail complex, consisting of 486 ...